Lost Social Security Card?

If you have recently lost your social security card we suggest immediately securing your identity and replacing your ss card as soon as possible.

Before going any further, it is pertinent to better familiarize with this card and its basics. The card is actually a wallet-size documents, which is given out by the Social Security Administration. The card provides you with a social security number and will also have your name on the front.

All United States citizens, temporary working residents and all permanent residents can and should obtain one of these documents.

When it comes down to it, the social security card was first made as a way to keep track of American citizen and their Social Security. In present day, the card and number are much more versatile and can be used for others, as well.

For starters, the card is commonly utilized as an identification number. Finally, the IRS utilizes the social security number to better keep track of citizens and taxation.

Truthfully, in the USA, your social security number is truly a very pertinent required document and number.


SS Card Replacement

SS Card Replacement

It is free to change your social security card if it has been lost or taken. You are limited to 3 replacement cards in a year and 10 throughout your lifetime. Legal name changes and other exceptions do not count toward these limitations.

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For example, modifications in immigration status that need card updates might not count towards these limits. Likewise, you may not be impacted by these limits if you can prove you need the card to prevent a considerable difficulty.

In order to get a replacement social security card you will have to provide paperwork that shows you are an US person and your identity. All files must be either originals or copies certified by the releasing company.

The social security office will decline copies, notarized copies of files or invoices showing you made an application for the document. Social Security might utilize one document for 2 functions, such as using your US passport as proof of both citizenship and identity. However you are still needed to supply a minimum of 2 separate documents.

This page assumes you are an adult and an US citizen.


Only particular files are accepted as proof of US citizenship. These consist of a United States birth certificate or an US passport.


Social Security Card Replacement


Specific files are accepted as proof of identity. An acceptable file must be current and show your name, identifying info, that includes date of birth or age, and preferably a recent photo. Some example files utilized for proof of identity Social Security would be an US driver’s license, State-issued non-driver recognition card or an US passport.

If you do not have among these specific documents or you can not get a replacement document within 10 days then they will ask to see other documentation which might include a staff member ID card, School ID card, Medical insurance card (not a Medicare card) or a United States military ID card.


When you have the essential documents the next action would be to print out the social security card application and fill it out.

As soon as you fill it out and print it you need to then either take it to your local social security workplace or mail it to the workplace. Click on this link for the application form.

If you have questions or issues about replacing your Social Security card then you need to call your local administration office.